/ˈbʌndl / (say 'bundl)

1. a group loosely held together: a bundle of hay.
2. something wrapped for carrying; package.
3. a number of things considered together.
4. Biologyvascular bundle.
5. British Textiles a measure of cloth, equal to 60 000 yards of linen yarn, or 20 hanks of cotton cloth.
verb (bundled, bundling)
verb (t)
6. to tie or wrap in a bundle.
7. (bundled, bundling) )
a. Computers to include (software) with computer hardware at the same price.
b. to include (one or more extra items) with an item at the same price: to bundle the CD with the book.
verb (i)
8. to sleep or lie in the same bed without undressing, especially of lovers.
9. bundle off (or out),
a. to send hurriedly or unceremoniously.
b. to go hurriedly or unceremoniously.
10. bundle out,
a. to defeat swiftly, as in a competition: Tasmania was bundled out for 150 in the first innings.
b. to cause to depart with undue haste.
11. bundle up,
a. to dress (someone) snugly: *Dolour was bundled up in her old rain-spotted winter coat –ruth park, 1949.
b. to collect in a bundle or bundles: let's bundle up the newspapers for recycling.
c. to dress warmly: they bundled up before going out into the cold.
12. drop one's bundle, Colloquial to give up, especially out of a sense of despair or inadequacy. {Phrase Origin: possibly short for the cant expression drop one's bundle and run, the bundle being stolen goods}
13. (little) bundle of joy, Colloquial (humorous) a baby.
{Middle English bundel, from Middle Dutch bondel; related to Old English byndele a binding together}
bundler, noun
bundling, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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